Don’t let termites eat away at your investment. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. A Pre-Purchase Inspection is paramount to ensure you are not buying a home with hidden termites or hidden damage that could cost you thousands of dollars.

A termite Inspection is a thorough inspection to your home and yard area. In our high risk area, it is recommended that home owners have an inspection every 12 months  and homes without protection as often as every month.

Contact us today, we do it all with one call for a Professional Plain Report with Supporting Photos, emailed to you.


Protect your investment for ‘Peace of Mind’ by having two Experienced Local Building and Pest Inspectors working together for you by having two pair of eyes. Building and Pest/Termites are two separate businesses/industries.  Our Building Inspector has extensive experience, with over 45 years in the Building Industry.

We work with an experienced Pest Inspector, who has a clear understanding from hands on experience, on the workings and treatment of termites, and has the latest tools and equipment.

One Inspector doing both Building & Pest Inspections may be cheaper, but mostly with one set of experience. We recommended for peace of mind, that when you are investing good money when buying a property, that you have an experienced Building, and Pest Inspector, working for you.

Our Building Inspector Jeff Keioskie has inspected thousands of homes in Mackay Region over the years and inspected the same homes again between owners selling the home. We have a history of Building and Termites on these properties.

Protect your Investment with an affordable Quality Detailed Report. Contact us today, we do it all with one call for a Professional Plain English Report with Supporting Photos. Once completed, a report is emailed out to you.

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