Pre-Purcahse Home Insepctions

A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection gives you peace of mind when purchaing an existing property.
• Inspections are carried out by a fully qualified & Insured Inspector.
• Pest Insepctions can also be arranged.
• You are supplied a plain english report with supporting photos.

Pre-Sale Home Inspections

Preparing Your Home For Sale:
A Pre-sale Inspection is an advantage to achieve the best
price for your home.

By having a building report done that identifies issues with your home, you can discuss these with your agent.
From the agents experience, they can advise which issues may effect your sale and guide you with your pricing.

Hand Over / Practical Completion Inspections

To Guarantee Satisfaction:
A New Home Practical Completion Inspection is an advantage to ensure you have a quality product.
By having a final building report done it can identify issues with your home, that may have been over looked by your builder.
Whether building a new family home or an investment, ensure satisfaction and "peace of mind".


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